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Swiftshadow~ Accepted (27th Jan 08 at 2:23am UTC)
~Back to basics~

Name: Swiftshadow
Age: 22 moons
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Deputy?

-Can't change me-

Decription: White longhaired tom with a smoky gray back and chest. Slightly big ears and green eyes. He has powerful muscles beneath his pelt.He is very fast and agile and uses his wits in battle. Not that he is not strong, he is quite strong.
Attitude: Swiftshadow is very mischeivious and playful. He is noble and smart and loves exploring. He isn't very short tempered and usually forgiving except to disloyal cats.
Starclan belief: 10

<Don't let your behind slow you>

History: kit~ Swiftshadow's parents were kittypets and he was the only one to survive in his litter. Shortly after he was born, his parents left and tried to take him with them. he refused. Apprentice~ Swiftshadow got into a fair ammount of trouble, mostly because of adventures with his best friend Duskpaw. When seperated from Duskpaw, he was usually obediant. He became a warrior 4 moons after his apprentice ceremony, due to his amazing fighting and hunting skills.

**In another world**

RP sample: Swiftshadow peered around the browning, leaffall leaves. The strong smell of herbs was disguising any recognizable scents. He heard a twig crack and spun around, only to find his friend Duskwing behind him.
"I don't like this," Swiftshadow whispered to Duskwing. "They should have left our territory hours ago! They were supposed leave after that peace talk between ThunderClan and ShadowClan!" His tail twitched in annoyance, if ShadowClan wanted to be a nuisance, fine let them!
Best RP: What can I do SkyClan? How do I know what is the right thing? I'm their deputy, I'm supposed to know what to do. Please help me decide, he almost wanted to scream aloud but all of his friends were already asleep.
He sat down and started to sleep but it didn't come easily. He was tossing and turning in his sleep from dreams that he knew were important but he couldn't remember. When he finally woke up for the 3rd time that night he decided to go out and hunt, My friends and I need food and we haven't eaten all day. I'd better catch enough and surprise them in the morning, Amberstreak thought as he walked out of the cave into the pitch black night.
He cast one last anxious look at his friends, wondering if they'd be okay and also wondering if he'd be okay. Soon the calmness of the night relieved the troubles from his mind. He craned his ears and heard a tiny scrabbling.
Mouse! he thought as he crept toward it. He leaped forward and quickly made his kill without a noise so he wouldn't disturb his sleeping friends.


By midnight Amberstreak had already caught an uncommonly late pigeon, a vole and 2 mice. He went back to where he had caught his fresh-kill to bring it back but he heard a squirrel looking for nuts so he dropped into his hunting crouch. When he killed the squirrel he set back and delivered his prey to the cave. There was no one awake and he was starting to get tired s he curled up and went into a deep sleep.
"Hello," a soft voice interupted his refreshing sleep.
Amberstreak got up and was about to hiss when he realized that she was a SkyClan warrior. His eyes filled with wonder as she slowly walked towards him.
"Greetings young one," she called, "These are hard times but you must make a choice what to do. I just came to tell you: go where you think is right, that is the only way." She slowly drifted away and Amberstreak's surroundings returned in the actual waking world.
I know what I must do, he thought as he looked at the cave in the early morning, so early that the sun wasn't even up. He let out a yawn and waited for the others to awaken.


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Re: Swiftshadow (27th Jan 08 at 11:06am UTC)
Nice Bio ^^

Accepted as Amberstreak of Thunderclan
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