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Blackstar- WindClan (4th Feb 08 at 2:48pm UTC)Quote Reply
Age: 20 moons
Clan: WindClan

Decription: Blackstar looks exactly like a fox, he has a long muzzle, a black nose and pointy ears. He has a very long pelt, great for warmth. He's VERY handsome and VERY strong and fast. He has black up to the top of his leg on each leg. He has
pure black ears and a scar across his right eye from past fights. He has white on his under belly and red all over the top of himself. He has a white tip at the end of his big, bushy, redish-orangish tail. His pelt is extremely soft to the touch. Many she-cats hit on him, but he really hates this, he wants that one perfect she-cat who will love him for him, not for what he looks like. He has emerald green eyes, they are like freshly cut emeralds that could shine through the darkest of lies.
Attitude: Blackstar is a really understanding soul, he cares for many but lately he hasn't been so caring. He's usually happy and hyper-active but he's been sad, lonely and distant lately. He's very serious with his job as the leader, and cares for his Clan more than anything. He loves his friends and family, like Darkstorm and Coldheart, his mother and father. He's very determined and caring, if you hurt his Clan, you're in for it. If you hurt his friend, you're still in for it. He can be very loving and he used to have a sense of humor, but lately that's faded. He's very funny and can be quite the flirt, he's charming, handsome, and mysterious. If he likes someone, he'll give you a few clues, but you have to figure it out yourself.
Starclan belief: 10

History: Blackstar's mother and father are Darkstorm and Coldheart. He was born in their first litter. He's always been respected by the Clan for his brave, loving and soul. He was born in the same litter as Stormyclaw, his brother he thought he had lost. He was extremely close to him and has always been sad since his 'death' and has been thinking of him 24/7. He's always been quite lonely and doesn't talk to many cats but he does talk once and a while. He was appointed the leader shortly after learning his brothers 'death'. What he doesn't know is that his brother isn't REALLY dead.

RP sample: Blackstorm pressed his long muzzle up against the cold moonstone. He slowly drifted into sleep to begin speaking with StarClan for his 9 lives, he was about to become leader of WindClan. He opened his eyes and stood up, he stared down upon hundreds, maybe thousands, of his ancestors. He saw his old friends and family who had passed away moons ago. He didn't see his brother, Stormyclaw, though. He saw all the cats go silent and look up upon him. His old best friend, Desertstorm, walked up to him. "Are you ready to recieve your 9 lives?" He smiled at Blackstorm. Blackstorm smiled back at him. "Yes...Yes I am."
Best RP: o.O Gots none..Heh..

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Re: Blackstar- WindClan (7th Feb 08 at 7:16pm UTC)Quote Reply
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