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Cover the sky (9th Dec 22 at 5:47am UTC)Quote Reply
This is a strange scene, each giant tablet is simple and mysterious, the font light on it converges, there is a kind of inexplicable breath spread, and then Ye Fan feels that his soul is going to leave the body and sacrifice. Set! Ye Fan drank loudly, and the light between his eyebrows shone brightly. The word before him was running secretly. He fixed the primordial spirit and stared at all the ancient tablets and Yun Gen. "So it's you!" He said. It's not the first time I've seen this kind of exercise. I was surprised when I fought against the emperor on the ancient road of the starry sky. It's a kind of peerless scripture, which has been passed down for a long time. Now found the source, if there is no accident, when the person in front of the creation! "Hum" All the giant tablets trembled, and faces appeared on them, but they were still made of stone, which was even more eerie. Ye Fan felt as if his body had been cursed and it was difficult to move. Engrave my name from generation to generation. This sentence is like the most terrible spell, echoing in the starry sky, wind and thunder, lightning and thunder. Between heaven and earth, dense, endless spirit, the gods appear together, just like a vast ocean on the shore, the divine power is vast, shaking nine days! Suddenly, the gods appeared, originated from the monument, and together they killed the past toward the front. Ye Fan and the real imperial master launched a decisive battle! Chapter 1749 of the main text. The sea of reincarnation is silver, like an endless river of stars falling down and merging into a vast ocean. It is very vast, boundless, the silver sea is endless, bigger than the whole eastern wilderness, but on weekdays it can not be seen at all. Obviously, there is another boundary here, and only the exit is connected to the Beidou area. Silver waves rolled up like a storm of metal! Ye Fan stepped on the waves, all the stormy waves were separated at his feet, it was difficult to stop his pace, even the supreme law could not be broken. Younger generation, you are arrogant to heaven. Do you want to flatten the sea of reincarnation by yourself? The sound spread all over the Eastern Wilderness,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, shaking the world, and the Supreme was angry, making people tremble. The world is surprised that this time it seems that there is really going to be a battle, not a tacit balance. Aren't you yourself? Is there a nest of the Supreme here? Ye Fan said calmly, the language is quite irreverent, the supreme all according to the nest to say. Looks like you know a lot. The voice from the sea of reincarnation was even colder. Ye Fan sneers, he went to the underworld once, learned a lot of news from the town prison emperor, now the Big Dipper seven life forbidden zone reincarnation sea is the weakest, only the last person left. Back then, they were extremely prosperous, but unfortunately one or two people were killed by the Emperor of the Void hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the Lord of reincarnation died hundreds of years ago, and now there is only one person left. Do you want to flatten all the forbidden zones one by one? If you have such an idea, you will die without a burial place! A shout came from the depths of the sea of reincarnation. Naturally, his voice was also a warning to other forbidden zones, hoping that all parties would kill Ye Fan, but unfortunately, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, the seven forbidden zones were respected and even hostile to each other. It was impossible for anyone to go out for him. After all, the Holy Body had become a trend, and the Supreme Birth might also fall. Now, other forbidden zones of life are quite expected. I hope he can fight with Ye Fan, weigh out the ultimate strength of Dacheng Holy Body, and even expect him to do his best to sublimate and pull Ye Fan to fall together, so that this can be regarded as a solution to the potential disaster. I just want to get rid of this place. I remember that day when I was robbed, you were unrelenting to me and swallowed my blood essence. Now I am here. You try again! Ye Fan strong big drink way, he stepped on, suddenly waves, shook the whole piece of reincarnation sea, let here boiling. There are some huge palaces, floating islands and so on in the sea, all of which explode and become powder under the exuberant blood of Ye Fan. It's hard to stop his breath. Younger generation you bully people too much, really want to force me to be born, if the decisive battle, the fall will be your own! The Supreme in the sea of reincarnation said mercilessly. Ye Fan laughed, but his eyes were cold. He said, "If you want to avoid this battle, you can take out an elixir of immortality, or send a nine-turn elixir. You have to have an explanation when you attack me that day!" He made no secret of it. Directly blackmail a supreme. Naked purpose, there is no disguise, as he said, that day he was robbed by the crowd, it is impossible to expose the past.
If there is no compensation, he doesn't mind starting a big war to force the birth of the Supreme, and at that time, the blood will dry up. The Supreme, who is no longer in his prime, will certainly be extremely passive. I can't even get through this life. Unfortunately, the immortal treasures of the reincarnation sea are all exhausted. Ye Fan did not find anything worth selling after he came in. And the supreme attitude of the reincarnation sea is also very tough, obviously killed him in blood, blocked him from crossing the robbery, and now this attitude, let Ye Fan sprout the decision of a war. There is no elixir of immortality. If there is a nine-turn elixir, I will take it myself. Don't be wishful thinking! Said the Supreme of the Sea of Samsara in a cold voice. With a sigh in his heart, he was ready. He really had nothing to show here, and the younger generation in front of him was very strong. He was determined to take meat from him, and he had to be strong. Outside, everyone was shocked. Ye Fan. Really let a person awe and speechless, this is in blackmail supreme ah, how dare he so bold, unscrupulous, this is obviously not afraid of a war! "You're looking for death. Don't think that if you kill two tyrants, you're really invincible in the world. What are people who don't know the way? They really force people like me to sublimate. What are you? You're just a mole ant!" The voice in the depths of the sea of reincarnation is very grand, shaking the sky, the supreme existence inside is cold and heartless, the words are very ugly, but he is so strong. Because there is no room for manoeuvre now, he expected that Ye Fan must make a move, to force him to fight, rather than so on the atmosphere of the birth, and no longer wronged forbearance. In the depths of the reincarnation sea is a huge ancient tree, towering into the clouds, and one magnificent palace after another is built on the trunk, which looks fantastic. However, the tree has long been dead,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and now there are no leaves, only bare branches. Ye Fan was surprised that it was such a tall old tree that it stretched out into the universe, where the moon surrounded it and chaos overflowed. penghuangbottle.com
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