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Properly protect the medical staff | protective su (9th Dec 22 at 5:16am UTC)
Original title: Proper protection of medical staff | protective suit wearing and taking off process Health 100 points, accompany you to live a healthy life every minute Wear protective suit: 1. Enter the buffer antechamber of the isolation ward medical staff to change clothes and shoes, wear round caps and medical protective masks. 2. Implement hand hygiene 3. Check the validity and integrity of the protective suit, and select the appropriate model. 4. Open the protective suit. 5. Open the zipper to loosen the clothes. 6. While holding the sleeve of the one-piece cap of the protective suit with your left and right hands, stretch your toes and put your legs into the trouser legs of the protective suit in turn. 7. Pull up the protective suit and put your arms into protective suit sleeves in turn. 8. Bend down to adjust the trouser legs to a comfortable state. 9. Put on the hat. (Completely covers the disposable cap.) 10. Pull up the zipper from bottom to top and seal the zipper mouth. 11. Wear goggles or protective mask. (Check for damage before wearing. Place it on the eyes or a suitable place, and check whether it is firmly attached.) 12. Wear latex gloves. (Place the gloves tightly around the cuffs of the protective suit.) 13. Wear anti-leakage and wear-resistant shoe covers 14. Check the suitability of protective suit. (After wearing the protective suit,KN95 Face Mask, you can check whether the protective suit is appropriate and whether the wearing method is correct through the following three actions: raising arms, bending and squatting.) 15. Enter the isolation ward. (Wear a second layer of latex gloves when carrying out operations that may produce aerosols. Wear breathing headgear if necessary) Expand the full text Wonderful moments of the program Removing protective suit: 1. After the work in the isolation ward of the contaminated area is completed, take off the outer latex gloves (remove the breathing headgear) and implement hand hygiene. 2. Enter the buffer antechamber of the isolation ward and remove the goggles or protective mask. (Take off the goggles gently and put them into the medical waste container. If they can be reused,Medical Full Body Coverall, put them into the fixed recycling container for centralized disinfection. Pay attention not to touch your face with your hands.) 3. Take off the shoe cover, take off the inner latex gloves, and implement hand hygiene to replace the clean gloves. 4. Open the placket of the protective suit and unzip it from top to bottom. (The hand wearing gloves shall not touch the inner surface of the protective suit and the inner layer of the work clothes.) 5. Grasp the outside of the protective suit cap, pull down and remove the cap. 6. Turn over and take off the protective suit from top to bottom and from inside to outside at the same time. Turn over and take off the UNK1 together with the gloves from inside to outside at the wrist. In the process of taking off, Medical Full Body Coverall ,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, it is necessary to prevent the harmful substances adhered to the outer surface of the protective suit from contacting the wearer. (Do not touch the outside of the protective suit with gloved hands.) 7, take off to the ankle, if necessary, ask others to help or sit on a chair to take your feet out of protective suit trouser legs in turn. 8. Dispose of used protective suit and clean hands (wash hands in seven steps under flowing water) 9. Enter the buffer zone, remove the medical protective mask, remove the working round cap, and implement hand hygiene. 10. Take off work clothes, take a bath, change clothes and shoes. 11. Enter the cleaning area and finish the work. Please see the video for details. >>>>>>> 100 points of health will accompany you to live a healthy life. "Health 100 Points" is a comprehensive magazine-type medical and health program of Shangqiu Radio and Television Station. Regularly release the news and information of the medical circle in our city, pay attention to the latest medical trends, and focus on public health. Invite authoritative experts from major hospitals in our city to enter the studio on some common health topics in life, discuss and communicate, analyze health problems, eliminate health misunderstandings, and absorb health concepts accurately and scientifically in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The Culture, Sports, Science and Education Channel of Shangqiu Radio and Television Station will meet you at 19:00 every Tuesday,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, Thursday and Saturday, and 13:00 from Monday to Sunday! Return to Sohu , see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com
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