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You are so wonderful -- in the park. (14th Dec 22 at 2:06am UTC)
"Then you talk too." Sun Yufei suggested very sincerely: "If you are caught, you can meet Chi Xu's parents in the office by the way and confirm the relationship." Make a wish: "…" And you had this in mind. - On Saturday after school, Xu yuan went to the office to help the head teacher enter the results, and met Li Zheyuan's father there. Li Zheyuan's father, a retired soldier, now works in a government department. His suit was ironed meticulously. When he saw the wish, he smiled: "Make a wish." Make a wish: "Hello, Uncle Li." After about ten minutes, Sun Yufei's stepfather came. Then the two parents stood in front of the prefect, listening to the prefect scolding Li Zheyuan and Sun Yufei in high spirits to do such things as puppy love that he could not tolerate. When the prefect asked about the punishment opinions of the two parents, Li Zheyuan's father did not say directly, but only asked him: "What does Teacher Lin think should be done?" Li Zheyuan's father, who has been in the army for many years and has been engaged in discipline inspection since he retired, has the dignity of a leader when he doesn't speak. It's okay when he doesn't speak. As soon as he opens his mouth, the prefect, who is 1.65 meters tall, withers in an instant. He holds up his back and says: "According to the school regulations, if a man and a woman are caught having too close contacts, they have to record a demerit.." Before he had finished, Sun Yufei's stepfather sneered, "Don't beat around the Bush. How many buildings are missing in your school?" Make a wish: "…" Sun Yufei: ".." Others: "..?" The author has something to say: Ah,stainless steel welded pipe, ah, ah, I apologize first, I am not a person, I am a pigeon. Tomorrow I will also update Wuwuwu to make up for Friday's QAQ. Can I send a red envelope to comfort you today? QAQ Chapter 30 make thirty wishes. Sun Yufei, a stepfather in business, is a representative of the nouveau riche along the south in recent years. Before he made a wish,mirror stainless steel sheet, he heard people say that his family was really very rich. He is infatuated with Sun Yufei's mother, love me, love my dog, and even regards Sun Yufei as his own child, fearing that his stepdaughter will be dissatisfied with him. His tone was loud and his voice was not small. As soon as the words came out, the attention of the whole office was attracted by him and everyone was waiting to see the good play. The head teacher of their class was sitting beside the prefect, and her eyelids were visible to the naked eye, matching the prefect's face from black to green, which was wonderful. What she means is education. Now many high school students are still in the rebellious period. They fall in love just to taste fresh. Besides, even if they have puppy love, their grades in key classes are also very outstanding. It proves that puppy love has no effect on them at all. At most, they call their parents and make a big fight. But her immediate superior was very stubborn and insisted on calling the two parents over, saying that parents must be made aware of the seriousness of puppy love. When the scene was awkward, Mr. Zhang cleared his throat and came out to be a peacemaker: "Mr. Lin, two parents, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, I think it's better to do this. It's the first time for them to go home and have a good education.". Now is the critical period, do not affect the child's learning. She turned to look at the prefect. "What does Miss Lin think?" The prefect, of course, did not want to let it go, and he meant to make an example of him. But before he could say anything, the headmaster came. All irrelevant personnel were cleared, and Make-A-Wish was naturally driven out. She originally wanted to stay and wait for Li Zheyuan and Sun Yufei, but she didn't expect to meet Chi Xu on the way and was accidentally abducted to the car going home. Standing at the door of his house, he made a wish and hesitated for a moment. Then he ran back and looked up and asked him, "It's still early. Do you want to go to the amusement park?" As soon as her careful thought Chi Xu saw it clearly, he immediately pressed her head and pushed her forward: "I don't want to, you don't want to, you want to go home." “……” Make a wish dying struggle: "that otherwise we go to drink milk tea?"? How about I invite you to dinner? Hot pot? Barbecue? Teppanyaki? "I won't eat it." Chi Xu pushed the man inside: "Hurry home.".
” "You eat, eat, eat!" Make a wish to cry to come out quickly, but strong struggle: "You are to still say to let me invite you to have a meal last time..." "What invite to dinner?" As soon as her voice fell, a familiar voice came from the side. The action of making a wish froze in an instant, and then slowly turned around like slow motion in a movie. Ten meters away, Xu Yincheng looked at her and Chi Xu doubtfully, and his eyes fell on the hand of Chi Xu's coat behind her. ……” Make a wish to want to cry without tears: "Father, I say to invite you to have a meal..." - Ten minutes later, the dining room. Make-a-wish stared at the bowl of rice in front of him and faced death unflinchingly. Xu Yincheng brought up the last dish and sat on the opposite side of the wish, looking at it with his eyes: "Wish, tell your father the truth, are you in puppy love?" I didn't expect that Ms. Wei would not be at home. If she had known earlier, she would have rolled home and would never have been entangled with Chi Xu for so long. Dad, I really don't have puppy love. With a sad face and chopsticks in her hand, she dared not move. Xu Yincheng does not believe of course: "Since do not have puppy love, how did that schoolboy return a responsibility just now, still send you to the doorway technically?" "His family also lives near here, and we carpooled back." Make a wish to explain in a low voice, suddenly remembered what, hurriedly defend: "Dad, you should know his family, you mentioned to me before..." The next moment, the door was opened, Ms. Wei came back with a big belly, Xu Yincheng hurriedly got up to pick her up: "Why did you come back so early?"? Not the class reunion? "Eat early." Ms. Wei handed her coat to Xu Yincheng: "They are going to play the next game, and I came back because of the noise." “……” Wishing to hear Ms. Wei's voice, his expression stagnated, and then a little bit of convergence, and finally disappeared completely. She lowered her head to cook, pretended not to hear anything, and did not look back. She heard Ms. Wei and Xu Yincheng chatting in the living room. Xu Yincheng kept asking her if she was full and if she needed to eat a little more. Make a wish only feel uncomfortable in the heart, feel in front of this bowl of rice dry and difficult to swallow, the dish is not delicious,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, cope with a few mouthfuls, slowly throw away the rice, back to the room. sxthsteel.com
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