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Warrior Cats::Official V-forums :: General :: General Talk :: Days with ghosts - View Topic
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Days with ghosts (14th Dec 22 at 2:08am UTC)
It turned out that Uncle Lian meant this. He looked at Wen Xiaofang and boldly looked at each other, blushing, and did not object. I was happy for them, too. I said, "Uncle Lian is insightful. I'm so stupid. I'm sorry, Uncle Lian. I was wrong." Then Uncle Lian smiled and said, "You are a young master. You can contradict me. I can't contradict you, but I'm indispensable to your family. You dare not drive me away even if I contradict you." I said very yes, very yes, everyone laughed, everyone ate happily, the family was happy, I have to admire Uncle Lian's vision, he punctured this piece of paper, let Xiaofang and bold live a happy life. After dinner, I boldly cleaned up the dishes with Xiaofang. Uncle Lian went back to his room. I began to feel nervous and contradictory. I was not at school. I was afraid that Zhang's wife would go to school to make trouble. I was afraid that she would take it out on the students if I was not there. But if I went to Jiang's house with her, Jin Bailing warned me again. I really didn't know what to do. When I talked to Huang Shuqian, I answered him in an absent-minded way. At that moment, the woman of the Zhang family suddenly appeared in front of me. She knelt down and said, "Sir, you said you would go to the Chiang family to have a look. Why don't you leave? But I'm grateful that you saved my son.". Even if my family made a thousand mistakes and so many people died, it would be enough to atone for their sins. As long as the Chiang family released my son, I would not care about anything. I said, "It's not that I don't want to promise you. As you know,Whirlpool bathtub, the Chiang family is heavily guarded, and even you can't get in. His family is guarded by half immortals. Now my magic power is greatly reduced, and I can't defeat them. If I go there, I will die. So I can't promise you." The woman told me again about her daughter's miserable fate. I had nothing to do with it. Huang Shuqian said anxiously, "Qian Chunyang, how can you be like this? People are so miserable, and the Chiang family is so hateful. Don't you have all your skills, but don't you uphold justice?"? Then you have the ability to do it. I glared at Huang Shuqian and said, "You go to sleep. Do you want to take care of my affairs?"? I've seen a busybody,indoor endless pool, but I've never seen a fool like you. When Huang Shuqian saw me scolding him, he was even more angry and said, "I've never seen a person like you. Evil people are afraid. They bully people who don't have the ability. It's just that you didn't provoke this. It's just that you provoked it again. The Chiang family is rich and powerful, but now it's the world of poor people. There are laws in the world. No matter how overbearing his family is, they can't escape a word of law. Aunt Zhang, go. I'll go with you and have a look If he doesn't release him, we'll call the police. When Huang Shuqian finished walking out, I could only smile bitterly, thinking that what should come would come. Huang Shuqian was right. Something should be faced and solved. It seemed that I could only go once. I took the crutches and went out. Huang Shuqian refueled the motorcycle hard, but he didn't mean to go. It was not until I sat behind him that he said, "Aren't you going?"? What are you doing out again? I blush for you with such a repetitive character. I said: "You come down, you go useless, stay at home, I go, if I did not come back, you help me ask for leave, if I have not come back, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, you forget me." Huang Shuqian refused to come down and said, "I don't trust you to go alone. If you want to go with us, if you can't come back, you won't come back together." Angrily, I said to Huang Shuqian and the female ghost, "Why are you like this? Is it useful for you to go?"? To tell you the truth, Chiang has dug a hole and is waiting for me. One of you is forcing me to be a hero, and the other is you. Your husband and man have only themselves to blame. It's none of my business. There are many people who have died in vain. You can find a way to revenge yourself. Even if I owe your family, I can cross you over. You know that the Chiang family is fierce and you want me to take risks. You are also very selfish. Huang Shuqian came down and waited for me at home. Huang Shuqian sat on the motorcycle and refused to get off. He said, "Qian Chunyang, I was wrong. If you must go, I won't leave you alone. If you have an accident, you will have an accident together.". If you want to come back, come back together, go to the Dragon Pool and Tiger's Den together. I don't know whether I was lucky or unfortunate to make friends with Huang Shuqian. Huang Shuqian insisted on not getting off. I bit my teeth, got on the motorcycle and went to the city with him.
Aunt Zhang is really fierce, she deliberately told her daughter's tragic situation, knowing that Huang Shuqian would help her, she pretended to be deaf and dumb, we set out, she led the way ahead. I think, perhaps in her heart, her plot succeeded, but she did not know, I also want to see, why Jiang Sihu must kill me, is for his sister or other plots, what is his terrible underground prison for, I also want to find out, so, even if the dragon pool and tiger den, I have to go to break through. When Huang Shuqian drove me to the Lianshui River, I thought the Chiang family lived in the city. We were about to cross the bridge, but Aunt Zhang got off the embankment. We walked along the embankment for more than ten miles and came to a big tree. There was a stone arch bridge in front of the tree. The bridge looked a little old. The stone arch bridge was only nearly two meters wide. The bridge went straight to the river. There was a small island on the river. The trees on the island were lush and lush. In the moonlight, you can only see the outline of the roof of the house on the island. The house is completely covered by the trees on the island, which looks very mysterious. Huang Shuqian said, "God, isn't this the mysterious Death Island?"? I heard my father say that before liberation, it used to be a temple. When the Japanese devils looted the Dragon City, all the citizens of the Dragon City fled to the island. The Japanese devils chased them to the bridge. When they crossed the bridge, a sudden gust of wind blew the Japanese devils down the river. In a twinkling of an eye, the river rose sharply and drowned many small Japanese devils. The river also submerged the island. The Japanese were so frightened that they did not dare to go again. After the Japanese devils withdrew, the people in the city were not drowned and came back safe and sound. I said, "In that case, how can you say it's a ghost island?" Huang Shuqian said, "After liberation, there were still monks in the temple, but overnight, all the monks mysteriously disappeared. General Chiang had sent someone to investigate, but nothing was found.". During the Cultural Revolution, there were Red Guards who went to smash the Bodhisattvas in the temple. A few of them went but did not come back. Later, some people disappeared one after another. General Chiang ordered the bridge to be closed. A few years earlier, the bridge was unsealed. There were bold people who went there, but never came out again. Even if some people came back,whirlpool bathtub, they became crazy. Since then, no one has dared to go there again. The legend is that there are ghosts in it. Anyone who goes in here will never return. There are more and more ghosts there. Up to now, no one dares to take any more risks. 。 monalisa.com
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