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Warrior Cats::Official V-forums :: General :: General Talk :: The most powerful son-in-law in history - View Topic
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The most powerful son-in-law in history (14th Dec 22 at 2:19am UTC)
Without waiting for Chen yuan to answer, he said proudly: "No matter who the opponent is, this time, I won." Pang Xi was finally ready to make a move, only to hear Pang Xi say: "Not necessarily!" Then his arms shook and he was ready to jump on it. Suddenly, a burst of laughter came from the side, and when Yelu Nie heard the laughter, the proud look disappeared. Looking for laughter, Chen yuan saw the white hall, Lu Fang, Jiang Ping and Xu Qing four people from the four corners slowly surrounded. The laughter came from Lu Fang. As he laughed, he shook the rope in his hand and said, "Prince Jiu, you are looking at our five rats too much!" Pang Xi's shaking arm was finally put down again. Now that they were coming after him, he didn't want to bother any more, so he took a step back and assumed the posture of watching the scene of bustle. Yelv Nie Gollum also knew his situation now. Chchōu took out his sword from his waist, and the muscle rròu at his mouth shook: "Hum, I didn't expect that this prince was driven to a dead end by a few mice today!"! Let's go together and let Jianghu know that the five rats are just throwing their weight around and beating the younger generation with more! Then Xu Qing smashed it with a copper hammer and said, "You don't have to play with me. I tell you that we are going to kill you today. What are the rules of Jianghu? You can talk about it after you die!" That Jiang Ping is not more wordy, a pair of points water thorn first stabbed to come over: "Say with him so much why to do?"? Kill! Chen yuan could not see clearly at all. The four mice pounced on him together, only to hear the sound of a fierce collision of weapons. Yelu Nie had a few more bloody mouths on his body, and his sword had fallen off. Yelu Nie Gollum dared not fight any more and ran quickly around the backyard of the inn. But did not run a few steps, was that the rat Lu Fang a hook on the shoulder of the oracle bone, a hard drag, the whole person dragged him to the ground: "Jiang Ping, kill!" Jiang Ping looked at Yelu Nie Gulu's body, which was being dragged by Lu Fang, and a pair of splinters came over. Seeing that Yelu Nie could not escape his bad luck, he suddenly shouted,drive in racking system, "Stop!" Then, a strong arrow sh shè came over, B bī back that Jiang Ping, let Yelu Nie Gulu escape a life. When they looked back, they found that a group of officers and soldiers were pouring into the inn, and the leader was Qi Wen. Qi Wen appeared at a really bad time. There was a fight from the inn, so Xi xiǎo 2 went to Qi Wen to report it. Being able to open an inn here is naturally protected by officers and soldiers. Qi Wen did not know the situation of the matter, heard that someone was making trouble in the inn, immediately brought people over, is to see four rats to kill Yelu Nie Gollum. "After an arrow was thrown back to Jiang Ping, Song Qi waved his hand, and a group of soldiers rushed over and surrounded the Yelu Nie Gollum in the middle." Who are you people? How dare you do it again? Do you really ignore the law? Qi Wen asked loudly. Laohei is on the list of new books, brothers, Laohei can only count on everyone's support! Chapter 88 sudden changes in the situation As soon as Lu Fang saw the appearance of the officers and men, he knew that the matter was in trouble. He immediately stepped forward and took out his own shshì guard card. Then he said in a loud voice, heavy duty metal racks ,industrial racking systems, "General, I have already told General Song Guang about the secret of this trip yesterday. Please give me a gap now and let us kill this man first." Qi Wen didn't believe it. He looked Lu Fang up and down and lowered his voice and said, "I recognize the waist card. It's just that General Song Guang didn't say anything when I came." Lu Fang is greatly anxious: "General and allow me to kill first, make an explanation again next!" But Song Qi shook his head and said, "No, make it clear first. If someone should be killed, I will never stop him." While they were arguing, Yelu Nie Gulu had already caught his breath. He opened his mouth and said, "I am Yelu Nie Gulu, the son of Yelu Chongguang, King of the Northern Court of Liao."! Who dares to kill me easily when I come to Wentong today? The sound was not loud, but it was heard by the whole backyard. Qi Wen froze there, his face was ugly. He looked at Lu Fang awkwardly and finally understood why Lu Fang had to kill first and then explain. Now, if the officers and soldiers did not come, Yelu Nie Gollum said what his identity is, that is, a period of Jianghu vendetta.
But Qi Wen came, he came, knowing that it was Yelu Nie who had fallen to the ground, especially after all the caravans here had heard this. What Qi Wen has to do now is to keep Yelu Nie Gollum alive. Give his jijiāo to the superior to deal with. If an accident caused the two countries Ji jiāo soldiers, Qi Wen can not afford this responsibility. Lu Fang is very disappointed, Qi Wen is very regretful, two people stand face to face, after a moment, Lu Fang thought, since not the life of the nine princes, at least the map should be left behind. Immediately to Qi Wen made a Yan s s è, Qi Wen this time understood very quickly, suddenly loudly said: "You said you are who you are?"? I'm still the crown prince of Liao! Somebody, take all these troublemakers away! Brought back to the barracks for interrogation. The two soldiers immediately dragged Yelu Nie grunt, and someone came forward to pull four rats, a group of people walked to the barracks. Chen yuan thought for a moment and pounded Pang Xi with his hand: "Manager Pang, shall we go and have a look?"? After all, the man was found in our carriage. Pang Xi nods: "Such, you arrange everybody to rest here, I went looking to go." After discussion, Pang Xi left. The whole backyard immediately became noisy, and several members of the motorcade gathered here. Yelunie showed his identity, which gave them a topic of conversation, and they were quite interested in it. Chen yuan knew that they would talk about this topic all the way to Liao. Therefore, Qi Wen will not kill Yelv Nie Gollum, Yelv Nie Gollum's life is saved. But it was hard to avoid the pain of the skin, and those people in the white hall would certainly not stop until they asked for the map. After dinner, Chen yuan really did not step into Hu Jing's room. He also thought about trying it, but as soon as he reached the mouth of Mmén, Hu Jing's hand had already pulled out his dagger, and he was so frightened that he quickly retreated. It's better to be honest with Amuda and them. At this time, Pang Xi and others were standing in Qi Wen's room in the barracks. Qi Wen looked at Lu Fang,shuttle rack system, folded his fists and said, "You adults, I really don't know the details. I'm really sorry that I missed the business of you adults." 。 jracking.com
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